Rules for character creation.

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Rules for character creation.

Post by Lanstrlen on Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:11 pm

1. You must Apply before you post in any other topics except the creation topics.
2. You must have a detailed background unless told by an admin you don't
3. you must have an age.
4. your character's application should be posted in it's rightful place.
5. You must be approved by an admin before you can post.
6. You can have upto 5 characters
7. Your character may be any gender but your first must be the same gender as you personaly are in real life
8. You must always state abilities within reason and only a maxiumum of 5 abilities specialized to you
9. You must always state your characters gender.
10. Your character must always have a personality section in it's application
11. You should either post a picture or write a description of your characters appearence.
12. You canot be a daemon without permission from an admin (myself or Zero.)

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