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Post by Twilight Cullen on Sun Sep 13, 2009 2:12 pm

Name:Twilight Cullen
Sexual Orientation:Straight, Female
Occupation:No occupation

Eyes:Honey colored
Hair:Red head
Body: ((Any unique features that your body may have, such as chest hair or a burn mark))Has a tattoe on her right arm of a rose
Face: ((Any unique features that your face may have, such as a scar or facial hair))None
Weight:115 pounds

((Make this the basic things you want us to know))Sly,smart, can get very angry in a second, hates to be messed with,classy, GOTHIC

((Make this the basic things you want us to know))Real parents both died when she was 16, accused of murder, and has a sister who she never see's

{Appearance} ((I would prefer for pictures, but if not a VERY DETAILED description of your characters appearance.))Long red hair to her waist, honey colored eyes, figure eight body, pale skin,long eyelashes, red colored fingernails, blood red lipstick. Usally wears a shirt plain black dress to her kness with lace, combat boots and knee high black socks.

{ Abilities }Can move things with her mind, can go through things.
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