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My charcter Angelous Empty My charcter Angelous

Post by Angelous on Wed Sep 09, 2009 1:25 pm

Name: Angelous
Age: 21/been a vampire for aproximitly 200 years
Race/Species: Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Male
Hometown: New york city
Occupation: Un-employed
Eyes: Blue, dark blue when thirsty
Hair: black , spiked
Body: Scars down left arm from vampire fights
Face: none
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Weight: 175 lbs

Firm, keeps to self, quite an oddity. He is quite agressive towards others at times-

born in the 1800's he remembers none of his past, only that he was with a femlae whom turned him and fled after done. made his way to forks on a werewolf killing spree after discorvering his long time fiance was murdered by a wolf.

{Appearance} i\ll get one soon

{ Abilities } A tad stonger then normal vampires as he had been a strong night in the 1800's and has never fed off animals, he has the ability to apear and vanish at will, he controls the element of water,, he also has telikinesis

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