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Post by Guest on Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:46 pm

Name:Theirry Cullen
Race/Species:Pure Blood Vampire
Sexual Orientation:Female. Staight
Hometown:Denali Borough,Alaska

Hair:Dark Brown/ Or Black
Body: Model Like. Thin.
Face: Beautiful. Even Shaped

Shes Sexy, Classy, And like a goddess. Shes cold hearted but very caring. She only cares about herself. She never lets get guard down to anyone. Shes scared she will get to close. Shes uniqe in many ways. Shes one of a kind

Theirry was born in alaska around the time of 1897. Her mother died of giving birth and her father was no where to be found. So she lived with her aunt Corilea. Also a vampire. Theirry was born a vampire with both pure blood parents. She lived in alaska till the gentle age of 18 she moved to forks, Washington. In seek of her vampire family she knew something would be different

{ Abilities }

1. Can freeze Anything
2. Can read minds
3. Speed.
4. Can see peoples past and future
5. Can Disappear


Theirry Cullen Nikki-reed

Theirry Cullen NikkiReed

Theirry Cullen NikkiReedTwilight


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