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Post by Lanstrlen on Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:18 pm

1. You may only post once you have applied,been approved and read these rules.
2. All speech from characters in posts must be in " marks.
3. All posts must be detailed and with correct spelling,grammar and punctuation
4. Each post MUST be a minimum of 2 and a half lines long
5. Each post must be in the third person to avoid confusion
6. All fights must first be run by an admin and then you will be given a location you may fight in
7. All relationships between characters are to be kept to a single topic to avoid lovey dovey nonesense all over the forum.
8. Have fun
9. Respect others integrity.
10. Never post pornographic or indecent images.
11. Disobey any of these rules will first lead to an account de-activation for a week then a permenant ban.
12. Non vegetarian vampire are allowed to prey off humans in the residencies or the centre once a week.
13. Humans may carry small weapons to fend off vampires.
14. ONLY call someone by their character name,no other name,disobeying this will result in edited post then banning
15. breach any of these rules aftera warning and you will be banned.

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