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Post by Jewell_loves_ya on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:15 am

Name:Lilith Diamond




Sexual Orientation: Female , Straight

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia


Eyes:Light Purple

Hair:Light blonde and curly

Body: has a heart birthmark on her right shoulder



: Sweet, outgoing, calm spirit. She will try her best to stay calm but if you push her too far she will get mad and it will not be a very good thing. She has a very deep southern accent and if you get her mad you can hear it very well.

Lilith Diamond was born in June of 1779. She was separated at birth from her younger twin Vick, each have a birthmark on their right shoulders. Lilith having a heart and Vicki a lightening bolt. The night that they were separated they were both each given a medallion which is the source of their powers, it is said that they would be unable to use them until they were united once again on the eve of their 16th birthday. She grew up with a wonderful family who taught her the morals and understanding that every young woman should have. But she knew something was different about her. At the age of 16 she was reunited with her younger twin Vicki and their medallions where then activated. Vicki had the powers mostly revolving around ice and Lilith’s around fire .On their search to find out who they truly were they were attacked by a group of vampires, Lilith was fully changed and Vicki was only changed half way; she is a vampire/werewolf.

{ Abilities }
Fireballs with different powers such as; Blue: Makes anything burst into flame Pink: turns anything into stone Red: (even though she doesn’t ever like to use this one) It will make the person she throws it at fall in love with her and it is a love that can only be broken by death.

Blinking, meaning she can blink anyone, anything, any place she wants to wants to go.


Command over the elements of Nature

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Post by Lanstrlen on Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:26 am


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