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Name: Derek Allocita-Mannataer Engelmann (calls himself Derek Engel)
Nickname(Optional): Angel Man (hates being called this)
Age: 58 (looks about 17)
Race/Species: Vampire (Newly Vegetarian)
Sexual Orientation: Straight Male
Hometown: Graz, Austria (currently lives in Seattle)
Occupation: School (with the Cullens)

Eyes: Gold when full, Black when thirsty
Hair: brownish-blonde with a slightly red tone
Body: bite scars all over his body, he had a very troublesome upbringing in his Newborn years.
Face: a Scar on his eye, he doesn't really know where he got it.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 76 lbs.

Derek is a very kind person. He appreciates the art of conversation, and refuses to do anything that will (knowingly) make anyone mad at him. Fighting is something he doesn't like, but he will do it if he must. Derek can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Do not get offended by comments he may say, he doesn't realise before he's said it if a comment of his is hurtful or triggering or not.  He holds a deep grudge against the Volturi, as they killed his old Coven.  He is a very bad Pessimist and will always think of the worst, or at least that's how he views himself.  He enjoys art, conversation, computers, and music.  Along with everything that fits into any of those categories.  He enjoys being the "Silent Protector" of Seattle, and dislikes people telling him to "get over" something when he's feeling down.

Derek was born on April 7th, 1957 to a rich family in Graz, Austria. his family was rich, and his mother didn't really care for him. He became the kindest rich kid anyone in the area had ever known, and his father only saw a charismatic young boy who could win him the city. Throughout his father's endeavors, Derek found out that approximately 1/10 of the city's population were Vampires. He kept this information to himself, for he saw what that would prove to be to his father, and he didn't want a killing spree of humans because the vampiric population of Graz was trying to save themselves. Derek started to hate his father, and planned to leave his family, and his house. On March 17th, 1975, Derek was just about ready to leave, the Vampires of Graz were ready to help him, but Fate would have it otherwise. His Father, who had heard of what he planned to do, would have none of it. March 17th, 1975 was the day that Derek Allocita-Mannataer Engelmann died. His father shot a pistol through his chest, and thinking it to kill him, left. The Vampires of Graz knew how to save him, and asked him if he would have it. Derek would, as he had not yet seen the atrocities of Life. Derek was changed, yet he knew he couldn't stay in Europe, he left for America with his new Coven. After being changed, Derek found that he could hear and speak to people telepathically. the Engelmann Coven moved to Seattle, and lived quite nicely. Although Derek didn't like killing people, he did it to survive. He knew no other way. Soon, Aro found out about Derek, and came to claim him, he killed off everyone else, but Derek was left to live, Derek however, said he would rather continue living in Seattle, and that he would do no wrong. Aro told him of a Coven in Forks that he may learn from, and so Derek became friends with the Cullens, although he continues to live and go to School in Seattle. So tells the History of the Immortal, Derek Allocita-Mannataer Engelmann.  He was created by a vampire named Vornaet Lemuud, a 5000-year-old vampire that no one really knew where he came from, and the one vampire of the Graz Vampires that disappeared after he turned.

Derek is fairly good looking, with light reddish-bronze hair, petite lips, and his intelligent golden eyes, he looks very handsome, even better than a vampire normally is. His grace is better than even that of a god, and his voice sounds like the richest, most enticing thing you've ever heard in your life. (i will upload the image in 7 days, as is when i am allowed to post links)

{ Abilities }
Derek is almost as fast as Edward Cullen, but not quite.  He also has a similar Talent.  Derek can communicate Telepathically.  He can both hear everything a person is thinking, and show the person anything he wants with his mind.  Mostly he uses Telepathy when he's in a private conversation with a person who knows about his ability, or if he's really thirsty and around humans (heaven forbid)
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