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Post by Autumn Cullen on Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:12 pm

Name: Autumn Cullen
Nickname(Optional): None
Age: Forever sixteen
Race/Species: Vegetarian Vampire
Sexual Orientation: Only interested in Men
Hometown: Forks WA
Occupation: Student

Eyes: Brown
Body: ((Any unique features that your body may have, such as chest hair or a burn mark)) A bite mark on the lower half of her stomach.
Face: ((Any unique features that your face may have, such as a scar or facial hair)) No
Height: 5'0
Weight:120 pounds

((Make this the basic things you want us to know)) Autumn is a outgoing girl who likes to shop a lot. She is great with people and is kind to almost everybody. She also is emotional. And if people make her angry she is not afraid to show her mean side.

((Make this the basic things you want us to know))
She was raised by two loving parents who died in a car crash. She survived but Carlise Cullen saved her when she was on her death bed.

{Appearance} ((I would prefer for pictures, but if not a VERY DETAILED description of your characters appearance.))

{ Abilities } She has the ability to control weather patterns.

Roleplay Sample.

Autumn walked trough the forest uncertain about life right now. Love, life everything was not going her way and she was uncertain about those things. As the rest of her family was successful she would never be. Because she was not as beautiful as her sisters, not as smart as her brothers. She was startled by a noise coming from a bush behind her. " Hello?" She said walking toward the unknown person.

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